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Tips On Handling Workers Compensation Atlanta GA Claims

Compensation Atlanta GA Claims
By Christopher Thompson
Workers compensation is an insurance that offers salary replacement and medical advantages to workers injured on the line of duty in exchange for withdrawal of any charges against the employer for negligence. The introduction of compensation bargain has played a significant role in eliminating insolvency of employers due to expensive awards. The plan ranges from disability insurance whereby workers are paid on weekly basis, health insurance, which covers medical expense, to life insurance whereby payments goes to the dependents of employees killed during employment. Employers must manage the workers compensation Atlanta GA claim appropriately and cost-efficiently.

Employers can facilitate business growth and boost employee morale by ensuring all claims are filed with the insurer sooner. Developing a habit of reporting claims on time is a sure way of ensuring workers will begin their treatment and resume working on time. In addition, enough time will be availed for carrying out investigation, gathering information, preserving evidence, and making compensation decisions. Reporting on time enables the companies to eliminate charges or fines for delayed claims. Additionally, it gives them enough time to assess all claims and identify those that are fraudulent.

The employers have a responsibility of making sure workers have acquired the medical release form and signed it. This strategy will minimize delays associated with acquiring medical records and coming up with compensability decision. Companies should sponsor supervisors to attend paid conferences in order to be trained on how to handle injured staffs. Supervisors must understand where to direct injured employees, help them in assessing the validity of their claim, examine credibility of potential claim, and assist employees to return to work.

Each injury must be considered valid until the facts from the investigation confirm that it is dishonest. Investigations should begin immediately when an injury has occurred. The procedure of gathering evidence involves talking to witnesses and acquiring information from them. Since supervisors interact with employees almost on a regular basis, they should provide important information about both the accident and injury. After thoroughly carrying out investigations, the information gathered can be used to make compensation decisions.

Prior to dispelling a claim as fraudulent, employers must wait until the findings of the investigation are tabled. This move will eliminate instances of employees filing cases against the employers for accusing them on false grounds. The employees must be equipped with skills of filing a claim. Additionally, they should know when to expect the compensations.

Business owners should maintain a constant communication with workers when they are on a compensation leave. They can also contact the health care providers charged with the responsibility of taking care of the injured employee. They should create a partnership with claim representative and come up with a suitable solution for all the issues.

Companies should have an efficient return to work plan to reduce or avoid lost-time claim by ensuring injured employees are back to work on time. A return to work plan can boost the morale of workers since they will feel that they are valued. They should be assigned simple tasks until they have attained full recovery.

Reputable companies must come up with a detailed safety program to minimize the number of injuries. Both the employees and managers deserve to be trained on how to avoid injuries and deal with them when they occur. A safety program that promotes a safety culture within a company should be implemented.


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